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40.000.000 GTA$

Price: 2399 rub





- Detailed Description
After boosting you'll get:
💸 15.000.000 GTA$

- Our Guarantees

1. Many reviews have been left for purchases. They are registered through the service, which we cannot influence, respectively, all reviews are only from real buyers.
2. We have passed certification in the Webmoney payment system by providing notarized documents. This keeps your shopping safe..
3. You can read all our guarantees here: *link*

- How boosting does?

Leveling up on PS4 is a rather complicated process that requires several prerequisites for its implementation.

Before purchasing a power-up on PS4, please make sure you have the following conditions:

1. The account that you provide to us for cheating must have PlayStation Plus! (exactly on this account)
If at the moment you do not have an online subscription, and there is no way to buy a new one, you can pay extra 300R, and the cheater will upgrade without PlayStation Plus.

2. You need to upload your save to * network storage *.
You can do this by opening the settings on your PS4 and going to the "Manage Application Saved Data"> "Upload Data to Network Storage"
This feature is only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers! Therefore, if you have already paid 300R for item 1, then you no longer need to perform these actions.

3. Your character's online account must have at least 300,000 GTA $. If you do not have this amount, then you need to earn money by completing tasks / races / robberies, selling property or in any other way.
Without 300k on your account, it is IMPOSSIBLE to start boosting!

4. If "Two-Step Authentication" is enabled on your account, then you need to disable it before starting the promotion. To do this you need:
Follow the link -
Click on the orange "Enable" button
In the account settings menu that opens, you need to log in with your PSN account and turn off this function in the two-step authentication settings. (After completing the promotion, you can turn it back on.)

If all of the above conditions are met, then you can safely purchase pumping according to our price list - and expect your millions.